Beefeed in its purest form

Natural beefeed based on sugar and glucose, fully in line with the sugar spectrum of the natural feed of the bees, honey, which makes our beefeed the perfect alternative to feed your bees in a healthy way. Our ready-to-use packaging enables both the hobby beekeeper and the professional beefarmer to easily feed their bees. With 25 years of experience in the development of beefeed and approved by the Belgian Agency of Food and Feed, Belgosuc is active in whole Europe and Canada with its beefeed range.








Full range organic beefeed available.

  • Fondant paste with a lab controlled sugar spectrum on sucrose, dextrose, fructose, maltose and higher sugars offering an optimal sugar balance for bees.
  • SO2 level lower than 10 ppm
  • HMF level in Fondabee/Fondabeefruc < 20 ppm
    (HMF = hydroxymethyl furfural, which is toxic for bees)
  • No traces of Neonicotinoids in Fondabee/Fondabeefruc
  • Fondabeefruc:
    • Fondant paste with higher level of fructose
    • Developed for extreme weather conditions (dry environment, hot or cold regions)
    • Softer texture, suited for queenbreeding and feeding of nucleus colonies (nucs)

Organic paste

  • BIO Fondabee 1kg
  • BIO  Fondabee 2,5kg
  • Liners 1kg and 2,5kg
  • Carton box 15kg
  • 3 perfectly suited enzymatically mixed syrups for complimentary feeding of bees

  • Invertbee : mixed syrup based on sugars from beet mainly (<30 ppm HMF)
  • Apisuc : 100 % wheat based syrup (<30 ppm HMF)
  • Belgobee NEW SYRUP: 100 % sugar based , 100 % digestible, 0 % preservatives , less than 20 ppm HMF
  • Invertbee is the perfect beefeed for Autumn and Winter
  • Apisuc is suitable for Spring and Summer feeding
  • No traces of Neonicotinoids in all syrups

Organic liquid

  • BIO Invertbee 14kg
  • BIO invertbee 1300kg
  • BIO Invertbee bulk
  • Jerry can 14kg
  • Pail 14kg
  • IBC container 1000 -  1300kg
  • Bulk
How to use?

Liners 1kg and 2,5 kg

Jerry can 14kg, pails 14 kg, containers  1000 - 1300kg and bulk

  • Food approved packaging, easy to handle and re-usable packaging
When to use?

Our beefeed paste Fondabee is perfect for feeding during fall and winter time, both as regular feed or emergency feed. Fondabeefruc is developed for warm and dry or windy areas, and suits perfectly for queen breeding due to the softer texture. Also suited for normal feeding.

Our liquid beefeed syrups Invertbee and Belgobee are a perfect alternative for feeding in the spring, when the bees start flying out and to give them an extra “boost”. They’ll get thirsty and fly out, looking for water. The liquid beefeed can also be used during the rest of the year as the syrups do not crystallize and have a long shelf life.


Meet us at these events:

  • Congrès National de l’Apiculture,Tours, France : 11/10 – 13/10/2024
  • National Honey Show Sandown Park London UK (represented by Wyefield Apiaries UK): 24/10 – 26/10/2024
  • Eurobee, Messe Friedrickshafen, Germany: 8/11 – 10/11/2024
  • Apimondia, Copenhagen, Denmark: 23/09 – 28/09/2025